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Why Facebook changed its name to Meta

The idea came from 1992’s movie Snow Crash, where humans live in a virtual world created by artificial intelligence. After that in 1999, the film named ‘The Matrix’ depicted the same concept of artificial intelligence dominating the world.

‘Metaverse’ is originated

“The ‘metaverse’ is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who are not in the same physical space as you.” Mark Zukerberg

 The idea is to introduce online 3D virtual space, as artificial intelligence is considered the next generation revolution after mobile internet. Metaverse is a new initiative taken by multiple tech companies where they are working together on introducing artificial intelligence in upcoming years.


Why is Mark Zukerberg investing in Metaverse?

One of the major stakeholders is Mark Zukerberg, who has created Facebook as the most used social media brand in history. The metaverse will be considered as the parent company of Facebook is. And it won’t be built overnight.

One more reason, Metaverse does not want to be famous especially as a social media platform. They want others to be a convict on their platform.”

Metaverse addressed to Apple in its declaration, saying it required to evade a single company limitation what can you do and high fees charging. University of Oxford, Max Van Kleek is doubtful that Meta will flourish control itself over its metaverse.

Van Kleek says, “Is Meta going to be providing the tools rather than be the gatekeeper? They would not surrender anything that might cooperate for their position as the complete ad provider of the metaverse.”

When will Metaversa technology be introduced to the world?

According to Zuckerberg, the last part of the next generation will be attractive for metaverse development and users.

 Metaverse will consist of the following technologies: 

  • Social Media
  • Online Game
  • Augmented Reality (Ar)
  • Virtual Reality (Vr) 
  • Cryptocurrency.

Those technologies will enable the users to be part of the interactive world.

AR and VR are vital for Metaverse. VR will represent the virtual world visually, and then AR will provide the audio and sensors for people to interact.

Metaverse will be a virtual world that experiences a flawless virtual story. A mirror world that reflects the current real world, an augmented reality that shows a mixture of augmented information in the real world and lifelogging, which captures and stores everyday information about people and things

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