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Big data and Business Intelligence

Big data and Business Intelligence

What is big data?

The term “big data” is a word that refers to large and challenging to manage since it relies on a large volume of data. However, it’s not just the amount of data that’s crucial. It’s how companies use vital data. Big data can be studied for insight that the cloud led to better business decisions and more strategic choices. 

What can big data do for business intelligence?

There have been various changes in business innovation in a couple of years. These days IT and business have simple admittance to interface due to the cloud innovation and mobile applications (social media).

We can connect with different people in different countries through social media. The most significant growing technologies are those of business technology and associated concepts like big data as part of these processes. If we combine these methods and technologies, that can lead to solving new applications.

Fundamentally, Big Data and Business Intelligence can be considered two hitters on a similar pitch, winning for the team.

There are few differences between Big Data and Business intelligence that will help you understand their positions, and then you’ll get the idea of how it works and how it’ll help you know. So, let’s take a look.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence consists of data analysis that identifies patterns of recognition as well as forms and patterns. It can handle the data, regardless of size and also extracts valuable data from it. Business Intelligence analyzes the collection of data from both external and internal sources and runs queries against data. It also produces reports and visuals to display results.



Business Intelligence offers some of the benefits; 

  • Helps in deciding 
  • Increase returns 
  • Boosts work system 
  • Generating exact and fast reports 
  • Cost-proficiency 
  • Feature the standard yield

Big Data

Big data is defined as massive data sets that extend basic tables and handlers of data structures. For instance, data that isn’t easily accessed into Excel spreadsheets could be described as Big Data. It is the procedure of processing, storing and displaying data. Setting up a booming Big Data climate incorporates using infrastructural innovations that interact, store, and work with information investigation. A portion of the models is data stockrooms and modelling languages.



Business Intelligence makes people let to make actual decisions and offer precise reports from the primary data.

In contrast, the purpose of Big Data is to record a large amount of data, function it then examines it.


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