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6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness as a Business Startup

Brand awareness is an essential part of any business. In fact, there is no business when the audience does not know about it. As a startup business, brand awareness should be the first thing they should focus on. It will be hard for them, but once they get on the right track, they will reach out to their audience in no time. 

In today’s world, there are many ways to market your business or brand and create brand awareness. But not every marketing technique should be used by all kinds of companies. With so many ways to reach out to your audience, an entrepreneur or a newbie can get lost on the wrong path. 

If you are a startup business owner, this article is for you. In this blog, we will inform you of some of the best methods to increase brand awareness and which things you should keep in mind when working on brand awareness.


Create your Presence on Social Media

Creating your social media presence is one of the most compelling and easiest ways to increase brand awareness as a startup. Millions of users use different social media platforms daily, and you can find your target audience there. 

There are many social media platforms, but you must research where your target audience lies. For example, if you have started an ecommerce business, Instagram is the best place to market your products and find the target audience. Or, if your target audience is Gen Z, there is no better place than TikTok to market your products and services. 


Analyze your Competitors

Before starting your brand awareness campaign, it is crucial to analyze your competitors. Don’t think that your business does not have any competitors. There will be a lot of direct or indirect competitors, and you need to be aware of them. 

Your competitors might have been in the market for many years, and converting your audience towards your brand will be hard. So, you need to do your work and see how your competitors are working and how they are reaching their target audience. You can learn a lot from them and get some techniques for your business as well. 


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Focus on Graphics

Audiences tend to get attracted by graphics more than content. According to Microcreatives Infographic, almost 61% of marketers believe visuals are integral to a successful marketing campaign. Your brand awareness campaign will be of no use if you do not use quality graphics for it. 

As a startup business, graphics are very essential. You must focus on your logo, website graphics, and social media posting. If you use poor-quality graphics on your website and social media accounts, you will not be able to create a good image of your business. Digisol Hub has an expert team of graphic designers that can help you create logos, regular business posts, and website graphics as well. 



As a startup business, Public Relations (PR) is also an effective way to market your brand and give exposure to your business as a business startup. Creating a good PR strategy can help you reach out to many audiences. 

People also tend to follow brands more when a high-profile person speaks well about the brand. It helps in developing the trust of the customer. PR has been very vast nowadays. There are many influencers you can send your products to, and they can post it on their Instagram or TikTok about your brand. 


Develop a Strong Value Proposition

When jumping into the pool of businesses, you need to ensure that you have answers to every question the customers will throw at you. And one of the most common questions you will be asked is, “Why should I choose your business?” The question might seem simple, but the answer should be convincing enough to let customers buy your products or services. 

That is why you develop a strong value proposition for your business. Find something or add a unique element to your business that can differentiate and improve your business from others. If you fail to do so, nobody will come and choose you. According to Impact, 52% of companies have different value propositions for different products or services.


Create Educational Content

If you are on a budget and still want to get the best ways to reach out to your audience and create brand awareness, then creating educational content for your business will be a good idea for you. As a newly launched business, creating educational content can be very beneficial because the audience will come to you and get something valuable from your company. 

You can also help them learn about your business, products, and services. Short videos like how to use your product or the benefits of getting your business can help you immensely with your brand awareness.



Now that you know some actionable tactics you can use to increase your brand awareness, it is time to get into the habit of using them. Don’t expect overnight results if you’ve been inactive on social media until now, but focus on using these tactics over time to gain momentum.


It’s important to remember that your clients do not know anything about you. Be patient, organized, and transparent in your dealings with them. Take social media marketing beyond the basics and don’t neglect crucial elements contributing to company expansion.


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